Warthog Keychain

Vendor: Arno Bernard


Category: HARDWARE

Price: $56


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The Untamed Talisman

While on a mission to find the Best Made South African knife, we stumbled on this uncommon charm. Made in the Eastern Free State of South Africa, the keychain is the actual tusk of a warthog that has been finished with a brass cap and a split ring. Warthogs are plentiful in those parts (some would argue that they’re pests), and their tusks are collected by local farmers. As legendary South African knife maker Arno Bernard discovered, the tusk of a warthog makes for a good knife handle—and also for a unique keychain.  

  • Made in South Africa
  • Naturally harvested warthog tusk
  • Brass assembly
  • Handcrafted for custom fit
  • 1" split ring
  • Each keychain is a unique one of a kind object. Size & color will vary. 
Care Instructions: avoid prolonged direct sunlight, oil occasionally, clean with a soft brush, a darkened patina over time is natural. 
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