8 oz. Flask & Waxed Canvas Case

Vendor: English Pewter Co.



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 For the sophisticated trailblazer.
Out on the trail we've found a healthy supply of whisky to be advantageous. A robust dose at the end of a tough day is restorative and medicinal and can put a smile back on the weariest of pilgrims. Most flasks are designed to hold about half the amount needed, and with that in mind we present a large 8 oz English-made pewter flask with captive top and American-made waxed cotton-nylon case. Emblazoned with our "Stay Sharp" motto and embroidered "Courage-Axe" label, and streamlined and minimal in its design, this flask and case will slip away securely into most any pocket, and allow you to roam with confidence and fortification.

Flask is sold individually, or as a set with the case. 


  • Handmade in England 
  • captive hinged screw down top 
  • contents: Pewter (comprised of tin, copper, and atimony) 
  • contains no lead 
  • dimensions: 6.25 x 5.25 
  • volume: 8oz 
  • weight: 1lb (with case) 
  • comes with metal funnel 

Flask Case: 

  • dimensions: 6.5" x 5.5" (closed) 
  • 6.25 oz navy wax cotton / nylon blend 
  • Best Made brass snap cap 
  • fabric made in the USA 
  • cut & sewn in the USA 
Pewter is uniquely British. The earliest records of pewter making dates to 250 AD and remained a cottage industry until the 1770's when Jessop and Hankcock developed a new pewter alloy in Sheffield, England incorporating antimony instead of lead. Pewter became hence known as "Brittania metal".
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