Canvas Log Basket

Vendor: Steele Canvas Co.

Origin: USA

Category: HOME

Price: $95


This item is currently sold out.

A neutral stance of refined utility, not a cry for attention.
Manufactured exclusively for Best Made by the most trusted name in American baskets and canvas carts, the same ones deployed everyday by the United States Postal Service. Our canvas log basket (available in 3 & 1.5 bushel volumes) is a rare one in that it's designed for the constant daily wear and punishment of a factory floor, but will look great in the confines of any living room.

  • 25" x 19" x 17" (large basket, 3 bushel volume) 
  • 19" x 15" x 13" (small basket, 1.5 bushel volume) 
  • Solid steel frame with steel runners
  • Heavy #4 duck canvas lining and handles
  • Industrial stitching and riveting
  • made in the USA
For a vessel with such a blunt purpose, it amazes us how contrived and over-designed the average log basket is: we think ours hits the nail on the head.
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