Our Famous Red Wool Blanket

Vendor: Pendleton Woolen Mills

Origin: Pendleton, OR

Category: HOME

Price: $248


This item is currently sold out.


Our Famous Red Wool Blanket will be back in 2014.

As with the axe, our search for the perfect red wool blanket began out of necessity, and ended with the design and fabrication of our very own. Woven into the lower corner of our two-tone red blanket is the Best Made adjective (famous), which is framed with the four stripes that represent our C.C.G.F. mantra, and there are even subtle hash marks to guide a precision fold. The dead center of the blanket is emblazoned with our signature X, which marks the spot. We spared no expense and teamed up with Pendleton Woolen Mills—undoubtedly the nation's oldest and most legendary maker of wool blankets—to bring you the be all, end all of red wool blankets.

  • designed by Best Made
  • 68 x 90" (full size) 
  • 82% domestic wool, 18% cotton
  • woven on a wide Jacquard Monobloc loom in Pendleton, Oregon
  • finished in Washougal, Washington
Nothing is more requisite and elemental to the home than a splendid red wool blanket, but please take our word: you'll be hard pressed to find a red wool blanket these days, let alone one that compares to the rank and splendor of a Best Made Famous Red.

Bedroom photographs by Jason Frank Rothenberg, still life photographs by Kiyoshi Togashi
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