The Belgian Dart Set

Vendor: Standard Target & Dart

Origin: USA

Category: HOME

Price: $122


When we're stuck inside we can hardly resist the allure of healthy competition (and a few cold beers) and for that there's nothing more to our liking than a game of Belgian Darts (and some trappist ales). Vogelpik (the game of Belgian Darts) is said to have originated in Flanders in the late 18th century, the boards and darts have evolved, and are now being made by hand in the USA. Each set comes with a board cut from end grain basswood, scoring rings are separated by a hydraulically inserted brass, and the darts are finely balanced, polished steel tips, and birch wood barrels and shafts.

  • 9" basswood board
  • polished brass frame
  • 8 hand-made balanced darts
  • polished steel points
  • birch wood barrel and shafts
All components of this set are made by hand in a small workshop, and only available to us in extremely limited quantities.
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