"Big Jug" of Organic Maple Syrup

Vendor: North Family Farms

Origin: Canterbury, NH

Category: EDIBLES

Price: $72

The only way to win friends and influence people.

Our good friend Nell left New York and moved back to New Hampshire, just next door to the old Shaker village of Canterbury. We dropped a little bug in her ear about wanting to do the Best Made maple syrup, and before we knew it she turned us on to her neighbors with the sugar shack: when North Family sent the first sample of their pure maple syrup we didn't gingerly apply it to our flapjacks, we guzzled it down like pirates. A half-gallon jug of the Best Made maple syrup will go a long way, but when it's done we bet you'll be wanting more.

  • pure US grade A medium amber
  • certified organic
  • half gallon glass jug with metal lid
  • comes securely shipped
  • refrigerate after opening
Aside from making the best maple syrup we have ever tasted, North Family is a small 60 year old, New Hampshire based family-owned business that harvests their syrup using renewable energy, biodiesel and sustainably harvested firewood. This certified organic medium amber maple syrup was made exclusively for Best Made.
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