The Embassy Tactical Pen

Vendor: County Comm


Category: HARDWARE

Price: $75

Unbreakable & Unflappable

Imagine writing your next check with a roll of dimes (yes, the brass and stainless steel versions actually weigh that much). Few tools—let alone a writing instrument—have ever crossed our desks that are as robust and sturdy as the Embassy Pen. Even the most destructive environments will find a hard time conjuring a point of weakness in this guy's armor. Originally designed for government/military use, the Embassy Pen is made in the USA, and uses common Fisher space pen refills (comes in black ink). It has internal threaded housing for a totally secure closure between lid and pen, and pen tip and body. 

  • 300 series high grade stainless steel body with 301 grade stainless steel clip or C360 free machine brass 
  • Weighs 3.83 oz, stainless steel pen 
  • Weighs 4oz, brass pen
  • 5.25" by .50" diameter
  • Black medium SPR4 pressurized Fisher Space Pen refill
  • Medium ball (1.1mm ball)
  • Internal threaded housing for added durability between the pen tip and back body
  • -30F to +250F conditions
  • Non-slip
  • Made in the USA

The Embassy Pen requires no maintenance, and the ink refills (search: Fisher Space Pen SPR4, 1.1mm) can be easily found online or at most any stationery store. Our Embassy Pen comes with black ink.

For brass pen the serial number represents: 

  • Cage = Government ID.
  • SN = Serial Number
  • first number is batch "1"
  • Brass letter is for "B"
  • 0000 is the number in the batch.
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