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With this timeless adage in mind, we design our products and work closely with our manufacturers, because true, lasting quality only stems from an inordinate attention to detail.

British Millerain

In the 1880s British Millerain was the first to wax cotton in the U.K., and they've since built a reputation as the premier manufacturer of the specialty fabric worldwide. The decision to use British Millerain waxed cotton was a no-brainer – we jumped at the opportunity to feature such a legendary and pioneering brand in our apparel. Their products are long-steeped in heritage, and have proven their resilience in countless adventures on land and at sea.

Tangüis Cotton

In 1911, after 10 years of experimentation, Fermín Tangüis developed a blight-resistant cotton that saved the Peruvian cotton industry from ruin. The new cotton was named in his honor, and took the nickname Oro Blanco (White Gold). Tangüis cotton has a longer and stronger staple fiber than other varieties, making for a robust, breathable fabric that has excellent moisture absorbency and uncommon comfort. All of our Best Made knits feature Tangüis cotton.

Arkansas Stone

Arkansas stones are blocks of naturally occurring novaculite, a durable abrasive that can be readily found with varying grits. The natural hardness of the stone is perfect for sharpening steel, as the stones are less prone to dishing, which affects the reliability of a stone over time. These stones last significantly longer than their synthetic counterparts.

5160 High Carbon Alloy Steel

Our American Felling and Hudson Bay axe heads are drop-forged from 5160 steel. Both hard and incredibly tough, 5160 is ideal for the needs of an axe. Hardness means the edge gets sharper and stays that way longer, while toughness means the edge won't chip when chopping a stubborn oak. 5160 steel is incredibly resilient, which is why it's commonly used for truck leaf springs.


The limbs of our American Longbow are built around a hickory core, the same wood used for our Axe handles. Hickory is chosen when a balance of flexibility, strength, and weight are required. For the axe, these qualities allow the handle to absorb some of the shock from each strike; for the Longbow, hickory delivers immense amounts of energy into each arrow while withstanding significant flex.

Chelsea Clock Co.

Handcrafted in Massachusetts, the mechanical Chelsea Clock is exemplary of fine American precision manufacturing: the movement requires hundreds of custom-machined parts — all gears are cut, not stamped, in-house — and is assembled, balanced, and calibrated, all by hand in the Chelsea factory. Custom tooling has been uniquely engineered to serve Chelsea’s methods, which have been refined continuously since the company’s founding in 1897.

H. Gerstner & Sons

Harry Gerstner, a trained patternmaker, founded his company with a singular purpose: deliveran American product of the highest quality. In the century that followed, Gerstner tool chests became a steady favorite of machinists, carpenters, and collectors, recognized for the inherent beauty of their devoted craftsmanship. Gerstner chests are born of the best available American hardwoods, each hand-treated with a specialized lacquer to bring out the full range of character.


Ventile was developed by the RAF to protect Arctic pilots from exposure if they wound up in the drink. It is an untreated, unlaminated cotton that offers exceptional water and wind resistance. Ventile achieves these properties without chemical treatment with an incredibly tight, long-staple oxford weave that is 30% more dense than other cotton fabrics. As moisture contacts the fabric, the threads swell to form a barrier against further absorption. Ventile has been tested and endorsed not only by the pilots whose lives were saved by the fabric, but also by adventurers in the farthest reaches of the planet. 


Discover some of the details that matter most in this series of short videos.

American Felling Axe

Designed by Best Made Company, our American Felling axe features a forge finished 4lb 5160 American alloy steel head with a cutting bit hardened to a target 54 on the Rockwell hardness scale. It’s slim the bit profile makes for efficient chopping, bucking, and even splitting. The 35” handle is made from a high grade Appalachian hickory, selected specifically for its superior grain alignment and durability. Ships with our axe handbook with information on care and sharpening.

Hudson Bay Axe

Designed by Best Made Company, our Hudson Bay axe features a forge finished 2lb 5160 American alloy steel head with a cutting bit hardened to a target 54 on the Rockwell hardness scale. The bit features a recessed beard that allows for choking up on the handle for more detailed tasks. With a 26” high grade Appalachian hickory handle it makes it a perfect fit for the pack or canoe, and its lighter weight allows for swift brush clearing, limbing and kindling. Ships with our axe handbook with information on care and sharpening.

The Higo Knife

A good pocket knife is invaluable.The higo knife features a laminated steel blade with a Japanese Shirogami carbon steel core. The blade is hand hammered with a Tsuchime finish. It’s a traditional Japanese folding design with thumb lever. Made exclusively for us in Japan by a father son team. emblazoned with Best Made on one side and “Courage” on the other. Ships with our knife handbook with information on care and sharpening.

The Cruiser Compass

The Best Made Cruiser Compass has a robust die-cast zinc body. The compass card is liquid dampened. It features a flip up prism sight for use with the lubbing line. The case features an integrated bubble level and flip up clinometer for measuring gradients. Ships with our handbook with more specs and information on use. And last, but not least, the rotating bezel glows in the dark. 

The Map Notebook

Take this notebook on your next adventure. each of the 160 pages features space for you to enter vital details of your journey (location, date, notes). The right hand pages are for you to draw or sketch your next map. The cover boasts french flaps with a 10" ruler, and a complete listing of map making symbols.


Our enamelware is deep drawn from heavy steel stock. Rims, edges and handles are double dipped for durability, and it’s campfire, stove top, and oven safe. It comes to us from our legendary European enamelware maker, using World War Two era machinery. 

The Ditty Bag

Our naval inspired ditty bag is made of 10 ounce waxed army duck canvas. It measures 16 inches tall, and 8 and one half inches in diameter. All the cordage is hand-spliced and hand-whipped with technical paracord. The grommets are solid brass as is the 3 inch spring snap hook. Easily slung over the shoulder, tossed in a duffle or clipped around a tree branch. Comes with a tin of Best Made wax for reapplication and ensured resistance from the elements.

Front Loading Toolbox

Our front loading toolbox is hand built and welded of 22 gauge American steel. Heavy duty dual latch closure and carrying handle. Powder coated. It features a drop down front door, a lift out steel tray, and heavy duty side handles.

15'' Toolbox

Hand built and welded of 22 gauge American steel, the 15” toolbox features a heavy duty single latch closure and carrying handle. Powder coated and made entirely in the USA. This box makes for all purpose storage in the workshop and home.

The Strongbox

Hand built and welded of 22 gauge American steel. They feature heavy snap closure, and feet for easy modular stackability. Perfect for smaller items and keepsakes.

The Buck G-10/110

This Buck 110 hails from Post Falls, Idaho. It’s a traditional lock back blade with brass bolsters. The handle scales are made from high pressure epoxy resin G10 and are dimensionally stable. This material provides a comfortable grip in both hot and cold and wet environments. The blade is CPM S30V premium steel, finished with Paul Bos’s signature heat treat process. The 110 series is the quintessential American sporting knife. Ships with our knife handbook with information on care and sharpening.

The Waxed Canvas Camp Stool

This camp classic has a collapsible steel frame and a double stitched 14 ounce waxed American duck canvas seat which repels water, and snow so you're always guaranteed a dry, comfortable place to sit. It weighs 2 pounds and collapses to 10 inches by 8 and a half inches. When assembled the seat height measures 15 and a half inches. (weight rating)