On Location

Our products are exclusively sold through our website, but off-line we take great pride in our expanding physical presence. Be sure to follow and join us on our adventures in real world locations.

36 White Street, Tribeca New York
Opening May 2013. Once a chandelier factory, just doors down from the defunct Baby Doll Lounge, and only a stone’s throw from The Tribeca Grand Hotel, we’ll set up shop. This space will be where you can see, hold, touch, and learn more about our products and the world of Best Made. Come check out our new bags, try on the Wool Pullover, or stop in for a whiskey. 

Hours of operation: coming soon.

Minnesota Outpost
Located at 375 Wabasha St. N. in downtown St Paul, and headed by Nick Zdon, this outpost and small retail space serve as the hub for Best Made activity throughout the midwest. Nick is our resident axe and restoration expert, and has taught many how to bring an axe back to life. It is also here that we produce our much loved "Everything Here is Wonderful" map prints. The Minnesota Outpost carries a limited number of Best Made products, and is open Monday through Friday 11am to 7pm. If you'd like to meet directly with Nick please email him for an appointment. 

Axe Restoration Workshops
We founded our traveling series of axe restoration workshops to help our customers revive and recondition axes in neglect. With proper maintenance and care, a good axe can last a lifetime (and beyond), and our customers have often found that the act of bringing back a tool in neglect can be highly rewarding.    

Lumberland, NY
Yes Lumberland- it’s a real place, our secret hideout, where we put our products to the test. We drive north from New York City to Lumberland in search of the fallen hardwood, manual labor, and fresh air. Our property has no running water, no electricity, no cell phone reception, and a stone wood burning oven that we built in the Summer of 2011. 

To discover more please visit Best Made Projects.
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