Japanese Hatchet & Canvas Tool Roll

Vendor: Hida Tool

Origin: Japan

Category: BLADE

Price: $98


This item is currently sold out.

This finely crafted Japanese tool will come in handy in the bush, the garden, or the wood shop. It's the perfect kindling tool to keep next to your fireplace. When we first laid our hands on this hatchet we were pleasantly surprised by the overall heft of the extra-thick back blade, which provides nice momentum to your swing.
  • Dimensions (total): 12.5", 1.5", 0.88"
  • Dimensions (blade): 6.5", 1.5", .15"
  • Weight: 9.8 oz.
  • Materials: Yasuky white steel, oak
  • Made in Japan
  • Ships with Best Made's Knife Handbook
This is a fine, well-balanced tool that is sure to earn its keep.
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