Kiridashi Knife

Vendor: Hida Tool

Origin: Japan

Category: BLADE

Price: $72


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One of the more clever knives in our inventory.
Literally translated, Kiridashi means "to carve out". It is traditionally used by carpenters and gardeners, but the Kiridashi is perfect for any of the everyday tasks we could throw at it: it was great for scoring paper, opening boxes, marking wood. It is said that Japanese school children would use these knives for sharpening their pencils. Knives don't get much more uncomplicated than this one, its single beveled edge makes for an extremely sharp and precise tool, and is easy to sharpen and maintain. Above all we love the ingenious scabbard that will securely slot over the blade, reshaping the Kiridashi into an unassuming continuous baton of magnolia. In its scabbard this knife can be tossed into a tool box, picnic bag, or kitchen drawer with impunity, and the knowledge that it won't come loose, or scratch its surroundings. Now in its seventh generation of family ownership, Baishinshi brand knives and chisels are forged in Sanjo City, Niigata prefecture.
  • Laminated high-carbon steel (white steel)
  • Hoh-no-ki wood (Japanese Magnolia)
  • Left and right handed
  • Red waxed cotton lanyard
  • 6.5" (open), 7.5" (closed)
  • Made in Japan
  • Ships with Best Made's Knife Handbook
To safely remove the sheath: grip the sheath and handle. Press both thumbs together to allow the sheath and handle to slide apart. When the sheath and handle separate, slowly remove the knife. 
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