Messograf Caliper Pen

Vendor: Best Made Company

Origin: Germany

Category: HARDWARE

Price: $28

 Vernier caliper rule, ruler, thread scale, tire tread gauge, and writing instrument: few pens boast this many features. 
The epitome of quality-obsessed, hand-made, German craftsmanship and precision seamlessly embodied in a multi-purpose ballpoint pen. Founded in 1945 in a small garage in Brandenburg, the Cleo Skribent pen company grew to become a leading Eastern European maker of quality writing instruments, and their Messograf caliper pen soon became a trusted German staple, a weapon of choice among auto engineers, architects, and craftsmen. No matter your trade, we think you will find this tool a buoyant reminder of just how things should be made.
  • Chromium plated brass 
  • Metric & imperial measurements 
  • Dimensions: 6 x 1" 
  • Comes with replaceable black in catridge 
  • Made in Germany
All individual parts and components are made in Germany. The replaceable ink cartridges are standard size and can be found in most any stationery store in the USA. 
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