The Miller Planisphere

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 Unleash the heavens!
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The definitive analog to the celestial expanse! The Miller Planisphere is operated with your hands by following three simple steps. Step one: determine your latitudinal position as wheels are only available for locations between 50, 40, and 30 degree north latitudes at this time (this includes the contiguous USA and most of Europe). Step two: spin the wheel and dial in the current date and time. Step three: behold the constellations, stars, and planets as they suspend above you! The Miller Planisphere is a sturdy, all-plastic wheel, featured in the Smithsonian and other higher institutions of learning and wonder.
  • 10.5" diameter
  • comes in a black plastic protective sleeve
  • consult "notes" for important information on latitudes
Before you purchase your Planisphere please be sure to determine your correct latitudinal position (see corresponding maps left). Each latitude covers about a third of the US (excluding Alaska); 40-degree covers most of the US. The 50-degree and 40-degree latitudes cover portions of Europe. For more information visit Best Made Projects
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