The Heart of Sourdough

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From the Klondike to New York City

Learn and share in the illustrious history of sourdough with Ron Silver, Chef and Owner of Bubby’s Restaurant, and his Executive Chef and Butcher, Liz Clarke in New York City. From ancient Egypt, to the Alaskan gold rush, sourdough is a beloved, and at one time, essential form of fermentation. This workshop will cover the history and science of sourdough starters and recipes, with a few other fermented goodies to boot. Ron and the Bubby’s team will be serving up hot pancakes, and the syrup will be flowing (not to mention a wee bit of whiskey). Attendees will walk away with a new appreciation for this living bread as well as a sample of Bubby’s famous sourdough starter to take home!

Workshop will take place on Thursday, April 17th 2014, 7-9pm at Best Made Company headquarters at 36 White Street in New York City. 

  • Date: Thursday, April 17th 2014, 7-9pm

  • Location: 36 White Street, New York City

  • Pancakes, syrup, and whiskey provided

  • No prior expertise required

  • Questions: 

Liz Clarke is a native New Yorker, hailing from Brooklyn. She joined Bubby's four years ago as the Executive Chef and Butcher. She brought her passion for no-nonsense comfort food and traditional preparation methods to Bubby's, yielding truly delicious results. When not serving up delicious plates, she lives and plays in Park Slope.

Ron Silver opened Bubby's 23 years ago in New York with the mission of finding the best ingredients and serving his guests exceptional American food. He has been looking for wild things and cooking them practically since birth.   He is the proud dad of four sons, all of whom love food as much as he does.
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