Yujiro Thread Cutters

Vendor: Hida Tool

Origin: Miki City, Japan

Category: HARDWARE

Price: $38


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In the process of wrapping, prototyping, sewing on badges, etc. we always find ourselves snipping small threads and strings, and because scissors are often too big and clumsy we soon enough gravitated towards a traditional Japanese thread cutter. The Yujiro thread cutter is specially forged to create a firm spring-back action and the high carbon inner core allows for effortless sharpening. The black coating on the handle — a technique called "ibushi", which is commonly used for silver accessories or traditional Japanese roof tiles — protects the surface from rusting caused by sweat.
  • 4.125" length 
  • High carbon inner core laminated with soft iron
  • Made in Japan
With proper maintenance these thread cutters will last for generations. 
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