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Whether you’re lost deep in the wilderness or adrift in a life crisis, we are all called upon at

some point to simply survive. When the time comes, your gear doesn’t matter: without a

sense of hope, the hope that you will find your way out, your chances of survival diminish.

When I started Best Made Co. I wanted to wanted to offer the ultimate survival kit, and decided

it should just be a simple embroidered badge. The badge would say “Be Optimistic” and could be

sewn onto a backpack or inside of a jacket, and in any moment of despair could serve as that

fundamental tool for survival. As you plan your next adventure, be sure to pack a little optimism.

Peter Buchanan-Smith, Founder

Lambswool cap courage gg b8kfxg
Lambswool Cap of Courage

Appearing for its ninth year, our legendary Cap of Courage is a symbol of integrity that will serve you well.

Enamel cups gg b8kfxg
Seamless & Steadfast Enamel Cups

Coming to us from a legendary European manufacturer, and using World War II era techniques, these are the best enamel steel cups on the market.

2x2 lumberlander c46dgv
Lumberlander Camp Blanket

Wherever your Lumberland may be, let this warm, resilient, and cozy camp blanket be a good excuse to get out and brave those colder, clearer starry nights.

Large gfeller case gg b8kfxg
The Large Gfeller Document Case

Designed with robust 8.5 oz. American russet skirting leather and uncompromising craftsmanship, with age and use, the Large Gfeller Document Case will evidence the habits and travels of its owner, becoming a living record of its undying service.

Bandana opdpyx

Designed to offer lifelong service and softness, our bandana will not only look the part, but in a pinch it'll make for an ideal tourniquet, a pot holder, protection from the sun and wind, or just a great handkerchief.

10oz flask gg pxhmtb
The 10 oz. Flask

Emblazoned with our "Stay Sharp" motto, streamlined and minimal in its design, this flask will slip away securely into most any pocket, and allow you to roam with confidence and fortification.

Cruiser compass gg b8kfxg
The Cruiser Compass

A German-engineered instrument that will outperform and outlast anything on the market. The Cruiser offers considerable advantages over lesser models that are more prone to parallax errors, and faulty readings.

Kurashiki ball cap gg b8kfxg
Kurashiki Canvas Ball Cap

Crafted on an old-school shuttle loom that weaves with patience our Kurashiki Canvas Ball Cap is constructed in the USA from an uncommon canvas made in Kurashiki, Japan.

Embassy pen gg b8kfxg
The Embassy Tactical Pen

Made in the USA and originally designed for government/military use, few tools—let alone a writing instrument—have ever crossed our desks that are as robust and sturdy as the Embassy Pen.

Five pocket pant gg b8kfxg
The Standard Five Pocket Pant

Our best-selling Standard Five Pocket Pant is the product of relentless R&D, countless hours in the hands of our technical designers perfecting the fit and exhaustive testing by our fabric experts, resulting in a supremely comfortable and durable new staple.

2x2 weatherstation n3aoz7
The Weather Station

Housed in a solid brass case that will likewise respond to its environment, when the needles cross in the hatched region on the gauge, heat and humidity are perfectly balanced.

6in red strongbox gg iohl8r
The 6" Strongbox

Made in the USA, emblazoned with our data plate, and powder coated, our strongboxes are for keeps, and for keepsakes.