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Long a trusted resource for group gifts, Best Made now offers a dedicated customer service team who can assist you with ideas for finding the perfect gifts for all your comrades. Whether you choose custom axes or badges embroidered with our uplifting mottoes, you'll bestow superbly crafted and beautifully packaged gifts to delight and inspire en masse. And yes, customization is available on select products.

When you purchase from Best Made, it marks the beginning of a long-lasting relationship. We offer you hands-on knowledge of every item, unwavering support and an efficient and convenient experience.

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Here are some group gifting suggestions:

2x2 whatgood lojah3
"What Good..." Enamel Steel Sign

Designed with the original Best Made "Indicator" typeface, we know that this enamel sign will lay the foundations to a virtuous day. So, what good shall you do this day?

Dart set gg d9j4df
Belgian Dart Set

We’ve played a lot of darts in our time, but that doesn’t mean just any set is fit to grace Best Made walls. Our preferred kit’s clean, modern components are handmade in the USA along lines that date to 18th-century Belgium.

Small first aid kit t4llpo
Small Metal First Aid Kit

Our all-purpose first aid kit is an indispensable life-saving tool, and a wonderful emblem for your wall.

Silver fish gg b8kfxg
The Fish Knife

The Silver Fish knife is native to the Czech Republic, and if you catch one, he makes a great everyday companion. He comes with a red waxed lanyard, and fresh out of the box he’ll serve you well.

Merino cap courage gg b8kfxg
Merino Cap of Courage

The latest addition to our collection of courageous caps. Crafted from pure extrafine merino wool yarn, it offers you a head start with double-layer protection for extra warmth.

Rolling footlocker gg b8kfxg
The Rolling Footlocker

Our Rolling Footlocker is an elegant and efficient system for storing and securing all manner of valuable collections, from vintage vinyl to art supplies to a full stock of sockets, wrenches, taps, and dies.

Bandana opdpyx

Designed to offer lifelong service and softness, our bandana will not only look the part, but in a pinch it'll make for an ideal tourniquet, a pot holder, protection from the sun and wind, or just a great handkerchief.

Sashiko cap gg b8kfxg
Washed Sashiko Ball Cap

Our favorite American-made cap design is transformed by a striking Japanese cotton indigo fabric. A historic workwear textile, sashiko derives its distinct pattern from an additional line of stitching that reinforces and extends the life of the fabric.

2x2 felling mmdcbx
American Felling Axe

Made in the USA, the American Felling Axe has a 4lb Dayton pattern head, perhaps one of the most iconic American axe head designs.

2x2 hudson ihq50p
Hudson Bay Axe

Designed in New York City, tested the world over. This axe has a 2lb Hudson Bay style head, one of the oldest axe patterns in America.

Small gfeller gg b8kfxg
Small Gfeller Document Case

Designed with robust 8.5 oz. American russet skirting leather and uncompromising craftsmanship, with age and use, the Small Gfeller Document Case will evidence the habits and travels of its owner, becoming a living record of its undying service.

Coated canvas tote mono gg b8kfxg
Coated Canvas Tote with Custom Monogram & Sash

Our American-made Coated Canvas Tote improves upon the archetypal cargo hauler with essential yet unobtrusive updates, including an option for hand-stenciled customization in a range of color combinations.

2x2 weatherstation n3aoz7
The Weather Station

Housed in a solid brass case that will likewise respond to its environment, when the needles cross in the hatched region on the gauge, heat and humidity are perfectly balanced.

10oz flask gg pxhmtb
10 oz. Flask

Emblazoned with our "Stay Sharp" motto, streamlined and minimal in its design, this flask will slip away securely into most any pocket, and allow you to roam with confidence and fortification.

6in strongbox gg iohl8r
The 6" Strongbox

Made in the USA, emblazoned with our data plate, and powder coated, our strongboxes are for keeps, and for keepsakes.

9 inch strongbox zawsrh
The 9" Strongbox

Built from the same specs as our bestselling Front-Loading Tool Box, our Strongboxes are more durable than most every small storage box of its kind.

Rcmp hat gg b8kfxg
Ventile-Shearling RCMP Hat

For a trapper hat heavy on cred and cool, we enlisted the Canadian hat maker who outfitted the Royal Canadian Mounted Police to help us refine our own version.

Maple syrup gg b8kfxg
"Big Jug" of Organic Maple Syrup

When North Family sent the first sample of their pure maple syrup we didn't gingerly apply it to our flapjacks, we guzzled it down like pirates.

2x2 lumberlander c46dgv
The Lumberlander Camp Blanket

Wherever your Lumberland may be, let this warm, resilient, and cozy camp blanket be a good excuse to get out and brave those colder, clearer starry nights.

20 oz mugs gg b8kfxg
Seamless & Steadfast Enamel 20 oz. Mugs

For the all-purpose mess kit, you won’t need much more than the 20 oz. Enamel Mug: brandish it over an open fire to cook your beans, polish it off for the morning's oatmeal or cold cereal, and fill 'er back up with some hot coffee.

Pocket strongbox gg dppaxm
The Pocket Strongbox

Tucked into a coat pocket, this micro-strongbox is uncannily small and lightweight, the ideal safeguard for anything that will fit into its single "fit-in-the-palm-of-your-hand" compartment.

Workshop clock gg pp6yqq
The Workshop Clock

With our Workshop Clock, acknowledging the passing hours is optional. Open the box when the work hours need counting or shut it when a project is launched to remove the constraints of time.

Front loading toolbox uoirro
Front Loading Toolbox

Working closely with a legendary American metal fabricator we designed a toolbox with a front loading door you can access all your tools without having to grapple with the top tray.

Sliding match safe gg b8kfxg
The Sliding Match Safe

Handsome enough to be kept outside the kitchen drawer, we designed the Sliding Match Safe to give the most versatile firestarter, the humble strike-anywhere match, a proper home that offers safe storage.

Field 10 cast iron gg b8kfxg
Field #10 Cast Iron Skillet

The Field #10 Cast Iron Skillet is pre-seasoned and ready to go out of the box but continues to improve with use, whether you’re cooking on an induction range or over an open fire.

Mini mlx flash gg b8kfxg
Brass Flashlight: Mini ML-X

The Mini ML-X packs 252 lumens into the size of a 12-gauge shotgun shell and offers seven modes, ready to illuminate a tent or an entire camp. This is your every-case scenario flashlight.

2x2 gerstner 25x tdasdq
The Gerstner 25X

Built by esteemed American case makers Gerstner & Sons, the original 1915 plans of the Gerstner 25 were lost in a flood. Reengineered exclusively for Best Made Co., the Gerstner 25X carries a legacy of orderly workmanship.

2x2 gerstner 41d kz73l9
The Gerstner 41D Chest for Best Made

Emblazoned with several of the most distinguished Best Made emblems, and available only in a limited quantity for a very short time, the 41D is the most dignified chest you will ever own.

Japanese wool socks gg b8kfxg
Japanese Wool Socks

We partnered with our favorite Japanese sock maker to develop this perfectly constructed pair.

Higo gg ngw0eg
Japanese Higo Knife

Laminated Japanese white steel with a tsuchime (hand-hammered) finish, and a slim profile made for the pocket. Why not invest in something you will be proud to carry for a long time?

Desktop trays gg naonqe
Spare Parts Trays

Whether the workspace is designed for creating, writing, or tinkering, our Spare Parts Trays offer a system of uniform, elegant organization.

Be optimistic iikrdy
"Be Optimistic" Enamel Steel Sign

The Be Optimistic Enamel Sign inspires conviction that no matter the storm ahead, there is nothing that preparation and perseverance can't overcome.

Japanese ssb knives gg b8kfxg
S.S.B. Japanese Chef Knives

Forged in Sanjo exclusively for Best Made, our kitchen-proven Japanese Chef Knives have been updated with an improved, hand-scorched Shou Sugi Ban chestnut handle.

$98 - $458
Enamel plates gg b8kfxg
Seamless & Steadfast Enamel Plates

Coming to us from a legendary European manufacturer using World War II era techniques, and reinforced with a double dipping of enamel, makes this the most steadfast plate in the land.

Semaphor blanket gg b8kfxg
The Semaphore Blanket

Our Semaphore Blanket is a Best Made x Pendleton exclusive, inspired by the alphabetic code of nautical communication.

2x2 thermometer iykolv
The Grand Enamel Thermometer

Good thermometers don’t get enough credit, so when designing one to meet our standards, we made damn well sure it wouldn’t go unnoticed.