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Long a trusted resource for group gifts, Best Made now offers a dedicated customer service team who can assist you with ideas for finding the perfect gifts for all your comrades. Whether you choose custom axes or badges embroidered with our uplifting mottoes, you'll bestow superbly crafted and beautifully packaged gifts to delight and inspire en masse.

When you purchase from Best Made, it marks the beginning of a long-lasting relationship. We offer you hands-on knowledge of every item, unwavering support and an efficient and convenient experience.

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Here are some group gifting suggestions:

2x2 whatgood lojah3
"What Good..." Enamel Steel Sign

Designed with the original Best Made "Indicator" typeface, we know that this enamel sign will lay the foundations to a virtuous day. So, what good shall you do this day?

2x2 straighthold xp8252
Straight-Hold Hatchet

Equally at home next to the fireplace as it is around the campfire, the Straight-Hold Hatchet earns its keep as the smallest member of the Best Made axe family.

Small first aid kit t4llpo
Small Metal First Aid Kit

Our all-purpose first aid kit is an indispensable life-saving tool, and a wonderful emblem for your wall.

2x2 brasscat jcb2le
The "Brass Cat" Mercator

A new edition of the most fabled European pocket knife, only available at Best Made Co. the Brass Cat is an elegant upgrade.

2x2 charger fvdta9
"Be Optimistic" Enamel Charger

Let's face it: you should be optimistic about anything served on a plate this grand.

Be optimistic badge w9yw57
Be Optimistic Felt Badges

The design for this badge came to us a long time ago by way of an old postcard in the mail. Since then we felt compelled to spread this message of hope far and wide.

Bandana opdpyx

Designed to offer lifelong service and softness, our bandana will not only look the part, but in a pinch it'll make for an ideal tourniquet, a pot holder, protection from the sun and wind, or just a great handkerchief.

Cap of courage j8t9kd
The Cap of Courage

The Cap of Courage is a timeless embodiment of comfort, style, and function — it is standard issue around here, uniform at Best Made Company.

2x2 felling mmdcbx
American Felling Axe

Made in the USA, the American Felling Axe has a 4lb Dayton pattern head, perhaps one of the most iconic American axe head designs.

2x2 hudson ihq50p
Hudson Bay Axe

Designed in New York City, tested the world over. This axe has a 2lb Hudson Bay style head, one of the oldest axe patterns in America.

Footlocker ddgt12
The Footlocker

Keep this guy stowed as a soldier would, at the foot of your bed, or use it as a side table, blanket box, or large tool chest. The possibilities for this storage device are universal.

Canvas camp stool hkkzgw
The Canvas Camp Stool

Almost "Eamesian" in its design, the Folding Camp Stool is an enduring piece that will elevate any campfire experience, or just come in handy around the house.

2x2 weatherstation n3aoz7
The Weather Station

Housed in a solid brass case that will likewise respond to its environment, when the needles cross in the hatched region on the gauge, heat and humidity are perfectly balanced.

2x2 grip flask mqhewb
4 oz. Grip Flask

Made in England, the pewter construction will patina uniquely to the hand that carries it, aging with each pass around the campfire, or trip down the river.

6 inch strongbox rkhxep
The 6" Strongbox

Made in the USA, emblazoned with our data plate, and powder coated, our strongboxes are for keeps, and for keepsakes.

9 inch strongbox zawsrh
The 9" Strongbox

Built from the same specs as our bestselling Front-Loading Tool Box, our Strongboxes are more durable than most every small storage box of its kind.

2x2 embassy zrys9x
Embassy Tactical Pen

Made in the USA and originally designed for government/military use, few tools—let alone a writing instrument—have ever crossed our desks that are as robust and sturdy as the Embassy Pen.

Sws field case qsw72l
The SWS Field Case

Anchored with 1000 denier Cordura, fully lined with a water resistant coated cotton twill, and finished with YKK Aquaguard® zippers, the SWS cases are indispensable tools for all manner of small carry.

2x2 lumberlander c46dgv
The Lumberlander Camp Blanket

Wherever your Lumberland may be, let this warm, resilient, and cozy camp blanket be a good excuse to get out and brave those colder, clearer starry nights.

2x2 enamelcup zounw3
Seamless & Steadfast Enamel Cups

Coming to us from a legendary European manufacturer, and using World War II era techniques, these are the best enamel steel cups on the market.

Large ditty bag drx90k
The Large Waxed Ditty Bag

Our ditty is teeming with maritime tradition but built for our customer's exacting demands today.

Small fly box ym9ets
Richard Wheatley for Best Made Fly Box

Our collaboration with Richard Wheatley is a reissue of the classic 1910 design, updated with our signature "Be Optimistic" slogan.

Front loading toolbox uoirro
Front Loading Toolbox

Working closely with a legendary American metal fabricator we designed a toolbox with a front loading door you can access all your tools without having to grapple with the top tray.

15 inch toolbox iyybr6
The 15" Toolbox

No matter what your pursuit, our 15” toolbox is designed to house a multitude of tools. An ordinary hammer fits nicely, but so would an artist’s oil paints, or an angler’s tackle.

Brass pocket measuring tape lmcvy9
Solid Brass Pocket Tape

We worked with a German precision instruments manufacturer to design our Solid Brass Pocket Tape with a case that is both durable and attractive.

2x2 messograf ubu70o
The Brass Messograf Caliper Pen

Our Brass Messograf Caliper Pen is a product of practical German engineering, there is no writing implement more essential in the workshop.

2x2 gerstner 25x tdasdq
The Gerstner 25X

Built by esteemed American case makers Gerstner & Sons, the original 1915 plans of the Gerstner 25 were lost in a flood. Reengineered exclusively for Best Made Co., the Gerstner 25X carries a legacy of orderly workmanship.

2x2 gerstner 41d kz73l9
The Gerstner 41D Chest for Best Made

Emblazoned with several of the most distinguished Best Made emblems, and available only in a limited quantity for a very short time, the 41D is the most dignified chest you will ever own.

Tristone sharpening kit be7mk1
The Tri-Stone Sharpening Kit

We designed the Best Made Tri-Stone Sharpening Kit as the comprehensive Arkansas stone setup to take any edge from dead-dull to wicked sharp.

Steak knives esita8
Laguiole Juniper Steak Knives (set of four)

The Laguiole (pronounced Layol) originated as a French herdsman's knife and were first commercially produced in 1829. This set of six steak knives were hand-made in the forge at Laguiole, France.

Japanese calendar sqimln
The Japanese Daily Calendar

Exclusively for Best Made, our Japanese Daily Calendar is a cultural emblem for the kitchen wall, replete with iconography and various considerations for the day.

Be optimistic iikrdy
"Be Optimistic" Enamel Steel Sign

The Be Optimistic Enamel Sign inspires conviction that no matter the storm ahead, there is nothing that preparation and perseverance can't overcome.

2x2 waxed blanket edeisj
The Waxed Canvas Blanket

Seven-ounce quilted cotton twill is backed with waxed sailcloth, providing a dry, comfortable surface to spread out on or to keep warm in.

Mini mlx tlyrnw
The Brass Flashlight: Mini ML-X

The Mini ML-X packs 252 lumens into the size of a 12-gauge shotgun shell and offers seven modes, ready to illuminate a tent or an entire camp.

Sliding matchsafe vhdspz
The Sliding Match Safe

The Sliding Match Safe to give the most versatile firestarter, the humble strike-anywhere match, a proper home that offers safe storage.

2x2 thermometer iykolv
The Grand Enamel Thermometer

Good thermometers don’t get enough credit, so when designing one to meet our standards, we made damn well sure it wouldn’t go unnoticed.