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The relationship's we've built with the makers behind such storied companies as Gfeller, H. Gerstner & Sons and Stetson allow us to offer you thoughtfully curated and expertly crafted products, many of them exclusive to us. Infused with history but made for right now.

Yalorun Textiles

A tribute to artisans past and present, Yalorun Textiles carry on the painstaking art of weaving with integrity. A creative space for textile handicraft based in Water Valley, Mississippi, the multifunctional studio fosters a new generation of up-and-coming artisans with workshops on silkscreening, block printing, dying and experimental techniques. We commissioned painter and quilter Coulter Fussell to create ten one-of-a-kind quilts honoring the history and agricultural bounty of the United States.

Metalac Enamelware

Founded in 1959, Metalac is a legendary European manufacturer. What truly distinguishes their enamelware is the heft and durability: the rim - the spot that gets the most abuse - is reinforced with a double dipping of enamel, and the steel itself is weighty (not flimsy and tinpot) all of which makes these the most steadfast pieces in the land.

Hubert Herr

From Germany's historic Black Forest comes our limited-edition Best Made Cuckoo Clock, the result of an exclusive and very special partnership with Hubert Herr - the only maker in Germany to produce both the fir-and-birch case and the intricate, fully mechanical internal movement.

Kurume, Japan

We traveled to a family-operated cotton factory in Kurume, a town known for its rich history in craft-making and manufacturing, to capture a beautiful example of traditional craftsmanship.