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Introducing The 165 GSM Merino Tee, engineered for performance and yet timeless enough to live on any pack-list.
The All-Season Tee

Under every good adventure lies merino. There's no next-to-skin fiber that combines the soft hand-feel and technical properties of merino wool. Designed to be worn as a base layer or a t-shirt, engineered for performance and yet timeless enough to live on any pack-list, our Merino Tee is nothing short of an indispensable tool.

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The Timeless Technology

In warm weather, wool is moisture-wicking and UV-resistant, keeping the body cool, dry, and protected from the sun. When temperatures drop, a layer of air trapped by wool's natural fiber structure retains body heat and wards off the cold, providing resilient insulation. Unlike synthetics or cotton, wool continues to insulate even when wet—a critical feature in winter, when other fabrics routinely fail.

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What is GSM?

What distinguishes our Merino tee is that it's a 100% lightweight 165 GSM merino wool, and that makes it more comfortable, more wearable, and more anti-microbial than synthetic blends. GSM stands for Grams Per Square Meter. The GSM value relates to the amount of material that has gone into making the fabric (the thicker the fabric the higher the GSM). Next-to-skin wool fabrics typically range from 100 to 320 GSM.

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