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Glen Dye, Scotland

An adventure awaits: our first look at the hills of Glen Dye.
Stockman Ian Adams' face belies his practiced confidence. The way he commands Duke, a 2-ton Highland cattle bull, you'd think there was a Shetland pony on the end of the line.
An award-winning bull doesn't get that way without a bit of dignified grooming.
Highland cattle have been present throughout Scotland's history - some of the finest modern specimens are found in Grace Noble's herd.
On the road to the Charr Bothy. A bothy is a small Scottish mountain hut, welcome to any weary traveler.
Rab, Ben, and Peter load up the Defender 110 hardtop for the adventure.
The team regroups on the way to the Charr Bothy.
Stuck. To shed weight Rab unloads the roof rack.
No one knows their way around a Landrover like retired Argyll & Sutherland Highlander Rab Davidson.
Comet, the trusted gun dog, does laps around us.
Local gamekeeper Hedge Shand and his trusted gun dogs and border terrier.
Peter and Stella the Goshawk get acquainted at an American Felling Axe's reach.
Falconer Sarah Calderwood and Stella the Goshawk exchange words.
Peter keeps his roll cast tight over the River Dye, pursuing a trout.
A gamekeeper's reunion. Setting up camp in the hills of Glen Dye.
Murdo McLeod, head gamekeeper at Glen Dye, checks in with his number two, Luke Liddle, while the brush fire reduces to coals.
British baked beans, a delicacy by our American standards.
Dinner is served: bangers, beans, and whiskey.
The granite promontory atop Clachnaben has compelled hikers to its summit for centuries.
As far as the eye can see: Ben soaks in the view from the top of Clachnaben.
On the road home. Our Hudson Bay axe and the ultimate Scottish souvenir: a sprig of heather.
A bird's eye view of Charlie Gladstone's desk. The consummate collector, Glen Dye oozes with Charlie and Caroline's touch.
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The Good People of Glen Dye

My company’s first product was an axe, and we have gone on to sell countless axes the world over. In the early days, it was rare to meet anyone with the same obsession I had for this tool. British Prime Minister William Ewart Gladstone shared this passion. He had hundreds of axes to his name, but I never knew him: alas, he died over a century ago. Lucky for me, axe obsession runs in the family.

Charlie Gladstone, his wife Caroline, and their six beautiful children wandered into our shop one day, proclaiming they knew a thing or two about axes, and we became fast friends. Among collectors, he is one of the greats. The setting for this Best Made Adventure is Charlie’s Scottish home, Glen Dye. Legend has it that this property was won in a gambling match by his great uncle. As I wait for confirmation on that detail, I can attest that luck abounds here. Our photographer Christina Holmes, who hardly needs any luck, was blessed with one stunning photo op after another. Her job was made all the more effortless by the natural splendor of the place and, more importantly, by the warm embrace extended to Best Made by the good people of Glen Dye.

Special thanks to Charlie & Caroline Gladstone, India Gladstone, Sarah Calderwood, Ian Adams, The Shand Family, Rab Davidson, Luke Liddle, Murdo Macleod, and Grace Noble.

Photography by Christina Holmes