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Fire in Bariloche

Tomas Mallmann drives us to the house of his father — the renowned mountaineer, Carlos Mallmann.
Our founder, Peter Buchanan-Smith, scouts the area in a tree just outside a cabin on the La Esperanza property in Bariloche, Argentina.
A condor soars overhead.
Carlos works the sawmill at his home.
Our founder, Peter Buchanan-Smith, takes a break from helping Carlos Mallmann saw a tree.
Ake, Carlos’ dog, pauses to smell the wind.
Carlos, inside his workshop.
A classic glimpse of asado, the art of Argentine grilling.
Francis tends the fire as lambs roast inside the barn of his friend Narcissa, an artist — and our gracious host.
Grilling is an integral part of life in Argentina, and a good fire is key. Cesar, a professional fire-maker, contemplates the task at hand.
A midday break for a classic Mallmann family lunch: trout topped with a potato hash and mint and honey chimichurri sauce, and finished with a fried egg, all of it cooked on a plancha in their backyard.
All the necessary tools for a meal of epic proportions.
Cesar cuts and prepares the lamb to roast for lunch.
Cesar stokes the fire as the lamb roasts.
When the sun begins to set, the mountain peaks are thrown into striking contrast against the indigo sky.
The dogs of La Esperanza engage in a serious stare down.
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December 2018

Photography by Jason Frank Rothenberg

The extraordinary Mallmann tribe were our hosts in Bariloche: Francis, his brother Carlos, and Carlos’ sons, Tomas and Marcos.
From inviting us to work alongside them at their sawmill and to tinkering in their workshop, we were treated just like family —
and fed like family, too. Chef Francis is a master of the art of Argentinian grilling, known as asado; he took it upon himself to man the daily fires.
There was nothing better than gathering around the heat of the flames after a day well-spent, and tucking into a plate
heaped with roasted lamb, trout, potatoes, and more.