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Mallmann's Provence

The long road up to Château la Coste, a vineyard in Provence, France.
When he’s in the area, Mallmann stays in a one-room home on the grounds of Château la Coste.
With no electricity, Francis prepares his breakfast by candlelight early every morning.
For Mallmann, the best ingredients require only a splash of oil or pinch of salt to shine.
The grounds of Château la Coste are host to world-class art; guests are invited to take a 4-hour tour around the vineyard.
Dining al fresco with a simple, superb breakfast.
After the morning’s hike through the vineyard, Francis gave his boots a thorough wash.
Mallmann hops on his bike to head into town.
Mallmann hops on his bike to head into town.
In town, Francis stops by one of his restaurant purveyors, a cheese shop, to sample the wares.
In the afternoon, Mallmann prepares a picnic with his restaurant team. The traditional family meal is a moment of bonding before the rush of dinner service begins.
The bandana has a long path of utility and of grace. In my hands it is a tool for romance; sunk in my black tie jacket breaking the norms of establishment, tied up as a net in the lake to keep my lunch trout alive till the last moment to be broth-boiled “Au Bleu,” tied up as a colander to wash my cherries or peaches in a stream in a Patagonian valley, or using two of them, to tie a perfect fresh summer carry-on on my chest, for my newborn baby on a walk on the Andes mountains.” — Francis Mallmann
France is where Mallmann learned the true values of quality: silence, respect, and space. At Château la Coste, he celebrates those traits while embodying the spirit of Argentinean cooking.
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Mallmann’s Provence, November 2019

Photography by Christina Holmes

Our latest adventure took us to Provence, France, where we visited legendary chef — and Best Made Creative Advisor — Francis Mallmann.
The countryside was nearly as alive with romance and fire as Francis himself, who was in his element as host and entertainer at the vineyard
Château la Coste, the site of one of his restaurants. We ate breakfast by candlelight, biked through sun-drenched hills and along allées,
strolled the farmer’s market of Aix-en-Provence, and picnicked in fields with food hot from the coals. A part of Mallmann’s magic is that he makes
space for warmth and inspiration wherever he is, turning any place into a home.

"My dears,
I hope this new collection of Mallmann´s Best Made takes you down my favorite road; as Robert Frost wrote in his famous poem, on “the one
less traveled by.“ Working with Best Made these years has been a way of expressing my credo — my belief — that life’s richest moments occur at
the intersection of home, travel, love, taste, and wilderness, even at the edge of uncertainty. This collection is designed to enable those moments
and a way of living, a recipe of passion, family, adventure, and work, mixed up on the road and tempered with fire, embers, and coals. Enjoy! And let us go.
- Francis Mallmann