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Viva Mejor Hecho

Leonardo Nuñez plots the best course of action for navigating his horse through a dense eucalyptus grove.
On the Uruguayan pampas, a lone ombú tree provides a welcome respite from the summer’s scorching sun.
The gaucho’s best friends take a break.
Fredy Gonzáles selects an ewe from the flock and prepares her to be sheared.
Cut for movement, our Short Sleeve Linen Pullover affords Danilo Alfaro mobility as he sets in to shear a ewe, a task he readily accomplishes using only manual clippers in an astonishing 10 minutes.
The average sheep renders about five kilograms of wool.
Fredy Gonzáles and his crew are gauchos for hire, running a variety of livestock from horses, to cattle, to sheep across the Uruguayan pampas.
The ewe remains calm throughout her shearing - eagerly anticipating the relief a shorn coat provides from the intense summer heat.
Highly valued for its natural softness and warmth, sheep wool regular fetches over $200 USD per kilo on the market in Uruguay.
With a bell around her neck to signal the rest of the herd, Darío Perdomo leads a mare.
A testament to efficiency and versatility, Leonardo Nuñez’s saddle is constructed from wool shearling.
Leonardo, wearing our Cotton Linen Workshirt, moves the herd along.
Expert horsemen, the gauchos of Maldonado province, like Darío Perdomo, can move an entire herd of horses through dense shrubbery at a gallop.
Commonly referred to as cuchillos criollos (creole knives), a gaucho’s choice of knife style is a deeply personal affair. Here, Danilo uses a cuchilla, a utilitarian knife similar to a butcher’s knife and one of the most popular blades used in the countryside.
Equally suited to carving asado, Darío prefers the facón, a blade rooted in a history of personal defense and identifiable by it’s long, thin blade and signature handle guard.
Like their cowboy counterparts on the American frontier, a gaucho takes great pride in the individuality of his belt.
Fredy keeps his daga securely stored on his belt, safely out of the way while on horseback but easily accessible should the need arise.
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Spring 2017, Viva Mejor Hecho

Photography by Jason Frank Rothenberg

Those who follow us will know that the only thing that inspires me as much as a cowboy is a gaucho. A South American
cowboy, the gaucho is a character that thrives in that noble intersection where work and adventure meet. I love
adventure, and I love work: at its best work transcends the onerous and becomes a calling of the most meaningful and
compelling sort. Our adventures to far away places like Uruguay are one way we can show you our product being
put to the test, but it's also a chance for us to explore how the world works, and come away inspired for an ever-higher calling.

- Peter Buchanan-Smith, Founder