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Welcome to West Texas

Every great adventure begins with an open road.
Johnny Sufficool overlooks the border into Mexico at the Copper Canyon wearing the Stetson Odessa Hat for Best Made and the Rough-Out Trucker Jacket.
Founder and CEO, Peter Buchanan-Smith settling in for an early morning drive.
Legendary West Texas photographer James Evans atop his perch overlooking The Glass Mountain in Marathon, Texas.
You can thank Jeff Keeling for the lush oasis in the center of Marfa. A botanist and desert plant zealot, Jeff took on management of the Capri’s event space garden, where more than 300 plants flourish.
Virginia Lebermann and Peter Buchanan-Smith catch some shade during the mid-day heat.
Chef Rocky Barnette looks to the horizon, sizing up the terrain.
Long a presence throughout the Big Bend, Johnny is equal parts cosmic cowboy, metal artist, desert flora expert, and eternal student.
Beyond his responsibilities managing the gardens of the Capri event space, Jeff’s goal is to grow and maintain beauty in this world — a worthy pursuit.
It is not uncommon to come across glyphs on rocks, deep metates for grinding mesquite beans and arrowheads, all evidence of the people who lived here long ago.
Michael Roch chases one of the many prized roosters on his ranch.
There is more than one way to stay cool while under the West Texas sun.
Peter with Boyd Elder, artist whose artwork appears on the covers of the Eagles' "One of These Nights" and "Greatest Hits".
As the years pass, some things stay the same.
Night begins to set in over the desert.
The historic Hotel El Capitan is a beacon for visitors among the vast landscape of West Texas.
Rocky Barnette kicks up his heels and lies back to take a breather.
We dare you to order a medium rare burger.
Randy Sanchez is patient and precise, a measure-twice-cut-once kind of guy, well suited to his job as an art handler.
Michael Roch’s son’s red filly watches over while he works in his wood shop.
This land is Rocky's land.
Leave us where sky meets land.
One last glance from Boyd Elder.
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Fall 2017, Welcome to West Texas

Photography by Jason Frank Rothenberg

There's one thing I've learned on Best Made adventures: the deeper into the wilderness you go, the more interesting are the
characters you will meet. Stepping into the vast and arid backcountry of the Chihuahuan desert, I saw my theory validated. In
the big open space called West Texas, originality, eccentricity and creativity flourish unfettered. A family of fearless ranchers,
a rogue chef, a famous photographer, and a modern day shaman to name but a few - the cast of catalog 18 features some of
the most enlightened and entertaining individuals we've had the privilege of documenting. Best Made through and through,
they put our gear through its paces and did us proud. It's my sincere pleasure to introduce you to their inspiring ways of life.

- Peter Buchanan-Smith, Founder