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Chasing the Great Bear

The Great Bear Rainforest is reflected in the tranquil waters of Nimmo Bay.
Accessible only by seaplane, the remote bays and coves of the Great Bear are spectacular from the air.
Unlike a standard pontoon plane, the hull of the Grumann G-21 Goose provides the craft’s flotation.
In Echo Bay, Billy Proctor has spent a lifetime collecting memorabilia and paraphernalia from his friends and neighbors throughout the region.
The gangway of Billy Proctor’s dock experiences dramatic changes in pitch as the tides shift throughout the day.
Fraser Murray, backcountry guide and hotelier, shows us a local treasure – Billy Proctor’s memorial to the names of each of his former boats.
Inside his boathouse, Billy Proctor surveys his various projects.
Deep within the Great Bear’s interior, we touch the Bell Jet Ranger down in a glacial meadow.
Photo by Christina Holmes.
Glacial rivulets course down the peaks of the Great Bear Rainforest.
Heli-pilot Morgan Barratt, prepares to lead us across a glacier. Featuring the Animas Dry Bag Backpack.
The peaks that surround the Great Bear are capped with snow year-round. Featuring the Down Hooded Pullover.
Fraser takes the glacier in his stride.
"They call it the Great Bear for a reason.” Morgan’s firearm is for defensive action only.
Morgan flips down his visor for increased visibility piloting the chopper through cloud cover.
There’s room only for essentials in the cockpit of our Bell Jet Ranger helicopter.
Morgan nimbly skims the river as we navigate the interior of the Great Bear.
Photo by Christina Holmes.
Where glacial streams meet the ocean, cataracts form amidst granite cliffs.
Our Ventile Cap stands up to the region’s persistent moisture.
The Great Bear is the largest temperate rainforest in the world.
The rivers of the Great Bear are colored by glacial silt.
Millennia of glacial activity have helped to shape a dramatic granite landscape throughout the Great Bear.
Fraser leads us to a hidden water feature within a glacial cave.
Fraser at the mouth of a glacial cave.
Fraser takes a moment to adjust his eyes from the darkness of a glacial cave. Featuring the Blanket-Lined Waxed Cotton Canvas Parka.
Photo by Christina Holmes.
Accessible only by helicopter, in season, the undisturbed rivers of the Great Bear run pink with salmon.
Neither a ling nor a cod, the curiously named lingcod is endemic to the waters of British Columbia.
We prepare to fillet our catch on the boat deck. Featuring the Makiri Fisherman’s Knife.
A forest clearing provides a sheltered setting for an outdoor kitchen.
The lights of Nimmo Bay guide us home.
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Winter 2016, The Great Bear Rainforest

Photography by Christina Holmes

As the hull of our Grumman G-21 Goose seaplane smacked down on the waters of Nimmo Bay, I knew that we were in an adventure.
We disembarked and the beauty of British Columbia’s remote Great Bear Rainforest immediately revealed itself: each subsequent day in this adventurer’s
paradise topped the one before it. Traipsing around the Great Bear by seaplane, helicopter, and, of course, on foot, we put our gear to the test and tried
hard to not get too distracted by the mountains that crashed into oceans, trees older than all of us combined, or pods of euphoric dolphins over 1000 strong.
My only complaint is that the salmon weren’t running, and that’s one of many excuses I have to return.

- Peter Buchanan-Smith, Founder

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Thanks and credits:
We would like to extend a special thanks to Fraser Murray and his team at Nimmo Bay Resort,
and Morgan Barratt and West Coast Helicopters for piloting us through the backcountry.