Built from the same specs as our bestselling Front-Loading Tool Box, our Strongboxes are more durable than most every small storage box of its kind. We seem to accumulate a growing number of small things, be they knives, flashlights, watches, or mementoes (like the small pebble brought back from Alaska, or the ticket stub from the last Springsteen concert). Securely stowed in our strongbox, these rare gems finally have a home. Made in the USA, emblazoned with our data plate, and powder coated, our strongboxes are for keeps, and for keepsakes.


  • Hand-made
  • Hand-spot welded
  • All primary parts hand-made
  • Heavy duty snap latch
  • 6” Box, INTERIOR: 6x4x2"
  • 9” Box, INTERIOR: 9x4x3"


  • 22-Gauge Steel


  • Made in the USA
Measure Twice Cut Once: The Strongbox

Measure Twice Cut Once" in mind because we believe true quality can only stem from an inordinate attention to detail. Discover some of the details that constitute the Strongbox in this short video.