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We traveled to the Southwold Sailors' Reading Room in the United Kingdom, the long-time refuge for fisherman and mariners when not deployed, to soak in some maritime history. Amongst the countless displays of seafaring nature, we showcased The Cast Brass Knots, a tasteful reminder of practical sailing methodology, that will hold down papers on your desk and recall halcyon days on the high seas.

Cast 1 wutvec
Double Fisherman's

A secure bend to join two lines under heavy load.

Cast 2 bsduyw
Knife Lanyard

Decorative diamond knot that keeps a blade from going overboard.

Cast 3 aupsug
Bowline on a Bight

The most trusted loop knot, tied without using the ends of the line.

Cast 4 zvvpog
Figure Eight

A sailor's stopper knot, with a strong hold and quick release.