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In a world where true quality is rare, we are the company
who's obsessed with the craft of well made things.

Five pocket land q87uou
The Five Pocket Pant

Years in the making and countless hours in the hands of technical designers and fitting sessions result in a design and construction you can reach for almost without thinking.

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Brass higo land d2zwhj
The Brass Higo Knife

The Best Made blade legacy arguably began with our first Higo - distinct in form and universally recognizable, our Brass Higo now carries on the tradition in kind.

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Famous notebook land iric1s
Famous Red Notebook

Our Famous Red Notebook is laid out in a muted grid of dots, a configuration that effectively lends itself to long-hand, lists, pictures, maps, and diagrams.

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Flask land y90f3a fiabg5
The 4 oz. Grip Flask

When a wee nip is needed to steel the nerves, our flask offers a swig without risking the grip, meanwhile our "Stay Sharp" motto adds some much needed panache in the field.

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Felling land h878mb zicawp
American Felling Axe

The American Felling Axe has a 4 lb. Dayton pattern head, perhaps one of the most iconic American axe head designs, which is drop forged in the U.S. from 5160 alloy steel.

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Waxed blanket land y4apwt
Waxed Canvas Blanket

Seven-ounce quilted cotton twill is backed with waxed sailcloth, providing a dry, comfortable surface to spread out on or to keep warm in.

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Enamel land si0wmn pay5qd
The 20 oz. Enamel Mug

You won’t need much more than the 20 oz. Enamel Mug: brandish it over an open fire to cook your beans, polish off for the morning's oatmeal, fill 'er back up with some hot coffee.

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Standard tee landv2 edha6j
The Standard Tee

Peruvian tangüis cotton, offering optimal moisture absorbency and breathability, is the base for this everyday Best Made knit, which was made in Peru in our proprietary design.

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Stetson hat land pbsdt3
The Stetson Odessa Hat

In this land of American lore, where fabled gunslingers and cowpokes roamed, a dimpled crown and wide brim is the common currency of style - the Stetson remains distinguished.

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Chambray land uatlx0
The Chambray Shirt

We pretty much think you need at least one garment that was once standard issue in the US Navy, and made famous by American cowboys in your wardrobe.

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Firstaid land xmm9c7 hcgcea
Small Metal First Aid Kit

Designed for convenience, portability, and everyday use, our all-purpose first aid kit is an indispensable life-saving tool, and a wonderful emblem for your wall.

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Gfeller belt land dtcelw
The Gfeller Leather Belt

Made from heavy russet skirting leather, with burnished sides and a solid brass buckle, our Gfeller Belt makes a fine centerpiece for just about every outfit we put on.

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Camp home

A great adventure doesn’t have to mean climbing the highest mountain or catching the biggest wave. Sometimes, there’s nothing better than just wandering into the wilderness, setting up camp, and cooking over an open fire. Told in large format photographs, these are the stories of our products and our people, in the worlds where they thrive.

Drive adv dv9f9o
Sullivan County, NY

Jared Lamanna was born with brains in his fingers and a photographic memory, destined to take things apart and put them back together again. Then he discovered engines.

Hardware adv xwf1jf
Kraftco Hardware

Kraftco Hardware, a Little Rock, Arkansas institution since 1950, is a paradigm of Southern hospitality and customer service.

Gaucho adv de9mbc
Viva Mejor Hecho

American cowboy, the gaucho is a character that thrives in that noble intersection where work and adventure meet.

Mallmann adv mxmhfd
Mallmann's Uruguay

A restless adventurer, a brooding poet, a larger than life iconoclast who will defy most any title you throw at him.

Great bear adv g5mcsf
Great Bear Rainforest

The beauty of British Columbia’s remote Great Bear Rainforest immediately revealed itself: each subsequent day in this adventurer’s paradise topped the one before it.

Yukon adv ephswu
Yukon Spellbound

Since the Klondike, the Yukon has attracted big dreamers. The gold rush may be over here, but discoveries are still plenty and close at hand, especially for curious adventurers.