The High 'n Dry Cargo Net

Vendor: Marlinspike Artist

Origin: Rhode Island, USA

Category: HOME

Price: $48

One single 70 foot length of 550 lb tensile strength cord hand knotted and woven in the ancient marlinspike tradition makes for a levelheaded stowage device. 
Now standard issue at our camp in Lumberland, NY we developed and manufactured this cargo net with a legendary New England rope expert to be fastened between two certain points (be they on a cabin bunk, in a pantry, between two trees, the gunwales of your canoe, or the back of your truck) to provide fast, secure, and portable storage. The cargo net weighs only 5 oz and folds down to about the size of your fist.  
  • handmade in Rhode Island
  • 70' of red & white paracord
  • dimensions: 48"l x 24"w
  • weight: 5 oz
The construction of the cargo net is based on the Yankee trawler nets used by east coast commercial fishermen, the ends are crimped and finished with a traditional French hitch and brass O rings, and because it's made of synthetic paracord it will not rot or mildew. Buy several: this is a dutiful and innovative addition to any packing list, kitchen, closet, or workshop.
Please note: this product is made by hand in a small workshop, therefore lead times may vary depending on availability.
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