Clay Pipe

Vendor: Penn Valley Pipes & Tobacco Co.

Origin: USA


Price: $36


This item is currently sold out.

 A timeless object, a fully functional artifact. 

We first discovered the clay pipe (hanging by the thousands from the rafters) at our favorite chophouse in Manhattan where Teddy "Bull Moose" Roosevelt blustered in to smoke his pipe and eat his mutton. Considered by many to be the perfect blank slate for a good bowl of tobacco, our American made clay pipe was once a staple in these lands, standard issue. Simple, light, smooth to the touch, with a long slender stem and a delicate bit, this pipe will deliver a full flavor and leave no residual taste behind.

  • Dimensions: 7" x 1.5" 
  • Slip cast mold 
  • Kiln fired 
  • Un-glazed 
Note: although these pipes are delicate, they will last a lifetime if cared for and maintained. To clean them we suggest holding over the hot coals of a campfire which will burn out any residue. It's better to use a blade of straw than to force a pipe cleaner in to dislodge any ash, etc.
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