Kevlar Smokejumper Belts

Vendor: Offray Specialty Narrow Fabrics

Origin: New Jersey


Price: $26


Manufactured exclusively for Best Made in New Jersey by a 136 year old high performance textile manufacturer, our smokejumper belts are built for life (in every sense of the word). The Best Made Smokejumper belt is extremely resistant to abrasion, cuts, and UV damage, low electrical conductivity, high chemical resistance, and is cinched tight with a hot-forged alloy steel parachute harness that is 100% proof load tested at 2500 lbs.You may not be parachuting onto a fiery gulch anytime soon but — no matter where life takes you — you can operate with yet more confidence knowing you have the ultimate in utility, strength, and reliability securing you.

This item is final sale.

  • Kevlar, kevlar-nomex blend 
  • Hot-forged alloy steel parachute harness 
  • 800° (fahrenheit) melting point
  • 6,500–10,000 lbs of tensile strength (webbing only)
Deployed by parachute into the maw of raging forest fires in the most remote of wildernesses, it would go without saying that the smokejumper is naturally obsessed with his equipment: the failure of just one component, big or small, can be cataclysmic.
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