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Small Big Things

    An ongoing list of things you need to know:

    1. Know your rights: The Right to Repair
    2. Mother Myrick's Butter crunch what might be the greatest sweet on earth
    3. Object Lessons is a series of essays about objects
    4. "As this placeless world spreads, and as progress is increasingly defined as the ability to look out of a hotel window in any city and see the same neon-lit corporate logos, the most radical thing to do is to belong. To belong to a place, a piece of land, a community – to know it and to be prepared to defend it." - Paul Kingsnorth
    5. What you need to know about Circular Design
    6. Five hours of soothing shipping forecasts from the BBC
    7. "People say you have to travel to see the world. Sometimes I think that if you just stay in one place and keep your eyes open, you’re going to see just about all that you can handle." —Paul Auster
    8. The Conviviality Society. Great insights into the relationship between technology and humanity 
    9. A film about building a sauna in Alaska. Yes! We can find meaning in work and community (and a good schvitz)
    10. Pisgah Range boot laces. We love the obsession with detail in such an overlooked component.
    11. Support your local wood bank. It's good to see this initiative in colder, more marginalized communities.
    12. "Truth of a film is in the feel of it, not the think of it." - Stanley Kubrick
    13. Benedict Cumberbatch reads Sol LeWitt's letter to Eva Hesse, "You are not responsible for the world, you are only responsible for your work. So just do it!"
    14. There are many discoveries to be made at Scope of Work, including cobblestones are actually not cobbles, they are setts
    15. Conserve the Sound is a repository of sounds that will soon become extinct
    16. Question: What's worth doing even if you fail?
    17. The work of Adam Pogue
    18. Bernadette Mayer's list of journal ideas
    19. Ichi-go ichi-e (seize the moment)
    20. This archive of covers from the Council of Industrial Design
    21. The Youtube channel of The Victoria and Albert museum, and this short film on the art of natural dying
    22. The work of Alain Biet
    23. "The mule always appears to me a most surprising animal. That a hybrid should possess more reason, memory, obstinacy, social affection, powers of muscular endurance, and length of life, than either of its parents, seems to indicate that art has here outdone nature.” - Charles Darwin
    24. Emily Dickinson's catalog of pressed flowers (herbarium) circa 1839-1846. At the Harvard Library
    25. Magnum's stunning collection of "dark room prints" bring an analog process wonderfully to life
    26. “Give me a fulcrum, and I will move the world.”- Archimedes
    27. Isabella Rossellini only gets better with age
    28. "Smart people respect simple language not because simple words are easy, but because expressing interesting ideas in small words takes a lot of work." - Derek Thompson, The Atlantic
    29. Slow Productivity by Cal Newport
    30. US Military Goretex Jackets / Ebay American-made, waterproof, bomb-proof. For the price, nothing new, fancy, technical, and expensive holds a candle to these
    31. A documentary on the pioneering Shofuso house in Philadelphia
    32. A short film, nominated for a BAFTA, about visible mending
    33. Original Guernsey Jumper There is probably no simpler and more effective sweater than this 
    34. A nice profile on The Radio Squirrels, and the last Morse code station in the USA.
    35. Japanese Pull saw Every workshop needs a good Japanese Pull Saw. There are many out there, this is one
    36. The tradition of test pattern designs. Yes, there is a tradition. One of the most famous (and haunting) is Test Card F, designed by George Hersee for the BBC
    37. "...handwork has a stabilizing effect on the mind, which begins with the extraordinarily high density of nerve endings in our fingertips. Using our hands stimulates these neurons, triggering an immediate response in the brain — bathing it in oxytocin, dopamine, and serotonin, the hormones associated with pleasure." The healing effects of working with our hands via The New Yorker
    38. Tsundoku / Books that pile up
    39. Harney & Sons Earl Grey Supreme & Digestive Biscuits A winning combination to start your day