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Japanese Selvedge Denim

In classic, universally flattering fits, our new Denim Collection features best-in-class fabric from the renowned Nihon Menpu Textile Co, the world’s premier denim mill. Their craftspeople still use traditional techniques to dye and weave their yarns, producing truly unique small-batch fabrics on shuttle looms. Cut, sewn, and riveted in the U.S.A., each piece is a testament to our commitment to superior quality.

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Our Story

In a world where true quality is increasingly rare, we are a reassuring promise that there are still those devoted to the craft of well-made things. Our goal is to equip customers with the right tools to lead lives of purpose and great adventure.

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Our Adventures

The idea of adventure typically conjures up ice-capped mountains or astronauts floating in zero gravity — but we think it’s time to be more adventurous about what “adventure” really is. These are the stories of our products and our people, in all of the places that they thrive.

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Our Makers

Lasting products only stem from paying an inordinate amount of attention to detail — which is why we’re so rigorous about everything we do, from testing our designs to sourcing materials to carefully choosing the manufacturers we work with.

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