Indigo dye has proven itself instrumental in the garment world for thousands of years,
and for good reason: Its distinguished blue color ages so well you’ll wish you could
give yourself one of our new workshirts as a hand-me-down.
Photo by Jason Frank Rothenberg.
Starting in 1946, rancher Roy Gfeller made a side business out of repairing saddles.
One day, a geologist dropped by to commission a custom belt case for his field documents.
Roy's reputation soon spread through the ranks of the scientific community, and ever since,
the Gfeller brand has been the most trusted source for leather belts, pouches, and cases.
Photo by Jason Frank Rothenberg.
Forged in Sanjo exclusively for Best Made, our triple-laminate
Japanese Chef Knives have stainless surface layers with a high-carbon core: the perfect balance of resilience and performance.
Photo by Christina Holmes.
Our finishing room in Maryland, where Best Made Axes are sanded,
oiled, adorned, emblazoned, packed in hand-made crates
and shipped the world over. Photo by Christina Holmes.
Designed exclusively for the wear and tear of everyday use,
our Bonded Field Case is the traveling office, a home to the essential tools
of an adventurous life. Photo by Jason Frank Rothenberg.
36 White Street: Hold an axe, meet the team, talk shop, get expert advice:
nothing compares to experiencing our world in its most tangible form.
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Seamless & Steadfast Enamelware

Using World War II-era machinery, our storied European maker forges Best Made insignias directly to these steel surfaces with heat, ensuring a smooth, long-lasting, and seamless finish. Set the tone for your mess hall with these enduring pieces.

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Our Story

"The tradition of adorning tools is a long and storied one, upon which we are proud to have cast a bold and fresh coat of paint."

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"Sometimes, there’s nothing better than just wandering into the wilderness, setting up camp, and cooking over an open fire."

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We are dedicated to equipping customers with high quality products and dependable information they can use and pass down. We empower people to get outside, reconnect with their hands and nature, and in doing so, embark on a life of great adventure.