The warmth of a well-considered gift is universally appreciated. Best Made gear
and home goods are qualified by the consideration that goes into their design and quality of materials,
and will never fail to inspire wonder in the eye of the beholder.
If the greatest naturalists and expedition leaders had not kept meticulous
logs of their adventures, their stories would have never been told.
Photo by Christina Holmes.
The vast wild interior of The Great Bear Rainforest offers visual treasures
like this glacial cave that few ever encounter. Photo by Christina Holmes.
Made for the best: Morgan Barratt, helicopter pilot and backcountry guide,
wears our Down Pilot's Vest. Photo by Christina Holmes.
Our Wool Boro Blanket is inspired by the unmistakable Japanese tradition of patchwork
clothmaking, and was expertly woven at Faribault Woolen Mills. Exceedingly soft
and warm, this blanket is large enough to keep the whole family cozy for the winter.
Photo by Christina Holmes.
36 White Street: hold an axe, meet the team, talk shop, get expert advice:
nothing compares to experiencing our world in the most tangible form.
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H. Gerstner & Sons was founded in Dayton, Ohio by Harry Gerstner in 1906. Gerstner is now a 4th generation family owned business known throughout the country for heirloom quality, handcrafted tool chests. It’s acknowledged that those who keep their tools in a Gerstner Tool Chest are a cut above the rest.

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Told in large format photographs, these are the stories of our products and our people, in the worlds where they thrive.

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Hold an axe, meet the team, talk shop: nothing compares to experiencing our world in its most tangible form.

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We are dedicated to equipping customers with high quality products and dependable information they can use and pass down. We empower people to get outside, reconnect with their hands and nature, and in doing so, embark on a life of great adventure.