Comet the trusted gun dog dozes off for a wee kip in the Glen Dye drawing room. Photo by Christina Holmes.
The Chelsea Quartz Deck Clock sitting pretty on the Gladstone mantle in the gun room at Glen Dye. Photo by Christina Holmes.
Stockman Ian Adams' face belies his practiced confidence. The way he commands Duke, a 2-ton Highland cattle bull, you'd think there was a Shetland pony on the end of the line. Photo by Christina Holmes.
Our Hudson Bay axe takes a break on the chopping block at Lumberland. Photo by Peter Buchanan-Smith
Craig Buckbee wades the Willowemoc in his Light Waxed Cruiser. Photo by Christina Holmes
The axe wall at our shop and HQ at 36 White Street, New York. Photo by Balarama Heller
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The Axe Shop

An interactive resource that will inform and inspire your next axe. Take each one for a 360° spin, learn about our designs and materials, then explore a hand-painted finish.

Enter The Shop
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Our Story

"The tradition of adorning tools is a long and storied one, upon which we are proud to have cast a bold and fresh coat of paint."

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"Sometimes, there’s nothing better than just wandering into the wilderness, setting up camp, and cooking over an open fire."

Camp home

We are dedicated to equipping customers with high quality tools and dependable information they can use and pass down. We empower people to get outside, reconnect with their hands and nature, and in doing so, embark on a life of great adventure.